Comforter versus Duvet: The Bedding Showdown

Comforter versus Duvet: The Bedding Showdown

by: Desta Ariyo

The age-old question…the duvet versus the comforter, why choose one over the other, and is there a better choice? If we really think about this essential bedding match up, the answer seems to be pretty clear: duvet takes it in a knockout.

Why, you might ask…Here are just a few features that make the duvet cover the clear victor in this particular bedding showdown.

Bohemian Duvet Covers: Eclectic Bedding Choices

Certainly you can find colorful comforters, those with a distinctive style and flair. From African fabrics to indigo tie dyed comforters, there are a wide range of patterns, textures and colors from which to choose. But once you choose, you’re stuck--at least for awhile. With duvets however, you get to change your mind. And given a more boho bedding mindset, the ability to change on a whim and decorate as your mood dictates is everything.

It truly is all about unique expression when it comes to bedding. So whether your bedding cover is lying atop egyptian cotton sheets or soft silky sheets, you want it to make a statement that really says something about you and your preferred design aesthetic. Enter the duvet cover! Duvets are great because you can change them out; you’re not stuck with one set pattern, one palette of colors or a single style.

Feel like creating a tropical room with a coastal bedding feel…you can find that perfect duvet cover that screams beach bedding, and that brings in the blues, yellows and lighter hues generally associated with more nautical-inspired design. And now, because you have a duvet rather than just a comforter, if the following month, you want to do something a bit more exotic, inspired by shibori print, you have the luxury of finding that cover that accomplishes this distinctive motif. Voila: the feel of your room is transformed just like that!

Cotton Bedding, Soft Organic Comfort

Many think that perhaps by going with a duvet cover, you have to forsake comfort…not true at all. In fact, with the incredible organic cotton bedding products available today, duvets tend to be some of the softest when it comes to how the fabric feels against your skin.  Whether one-of-a-kind tie dyed bedding or adire inspired prints, your duvet is uniquely you, and most definitely comfortable.

Duvet Care – Definitely Easier

With the easy-to-use zipper style duvets, washing is easy. No cumbersome comforter that is impossible to get fully dry, or that requires dry-cleaning, the duvet can be laundered far more efficiently. Wash on gentle and then dry on low and your duvet cover is clean, fresh and ready to go.

Duvet versus Comforter: The Verdict

There you have it. If you’re good with one style, one set of colors and a single pattern, then the comforter is probably fine for you. But if you’re the type who likes to change it up and feature African décor one week while switching to bohemian chic bedding the next, then you are definitely more of a duvet person.

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