Our Story

Inspired by the lush, vivid colors of the Caribbean and the traditional fabrics and patterns of Africa…Indigo Motif Home Decor was born.

This is our “baby.” Drawing from our heritages, we bring to you truly amazing, one-of-a-kind cotton bedding. Incredible designs, unique products and fair prices…this is what we are about.

 Indigo Motif really begins with Adire…

          [Adīre: An indigo dyed cloth originally made by the women of South Nigeria]

We offer you close-to-our-heart, high quality, affordable items that represent who we are and what we believe in.


Our Process:

Our Process:

Indigo is one of the oldest dyes in the world ever to be used to create bold, bright patterns and designs. So in keeping with the tradition represented by Adire, we chose to work with all-natural indigo dyes in order to craft the type of bedding that was both organic and true to its origins. It’s just something we strongly believe in.

The indigo dye we use comes exclusively from nature. While most have turned to synthetic forms of indigo, ours is plant-based—meaning, it’s healthier, doesn’t contain formaldehyde and is better for the planet.

Our goal is to offer you a boldly original, eco-friendly look at what bedding can be.