Press Release

Artisanal, Inspired, All-Natural - Indigo Motif is Reshaping How You See Bedding

The problem with contemporary bedding design and fabrics is the overtly mass-produced quality and feel. Every room ends up looking just like every other room because there is a dearth of uniqueness, edginess or inspiration in today’s bedding market. However, all that is about to change as Indigo Motif launches its hand-crafted line of quilts, duvets, pillows and shams.

The concept behind the company was quite simple…bring in the types of bedding linens and products that you would think only authentically available in Africa, India or the Caribbean. Born out of their love for their heritage and for more diverse and quintessential handmade artifacts, Indigo Motif is the brain child of Desta and Bolly, two Florida-based design aficionados who were looking for something brand new in bedding. With Indigo’s Motif range of products, they’ve certainly found it!

The basis of their “baby”: quilts and duvet covers that exhibit the age-old indigo ty-dying practices common to Nigeria. Adire, which is a traditional dyed fabric produced by the Yoruba women of western Nigeria is the foundation for many of their eclectic, colorful and bold designs. It was Bolly’s family who, for generations, has been involved with this all-natural West African dying process. Putting a modern spin on old world craftsmanship, they’re now bringing some truly amazing products to the US.

Their bedding collections feature the bright blues, deep navies and accenting white that represent genuine Indigo coloring technique. Foregoing synthetic dying processes, the pair believe that in order to capture the essence of authentic African dying, they needed to stick to all-natural, plant-based Indigo dyes. This philosophy extends to the bedding material as well, as 100% cotton is preferred to polyesters and/or other types of synthetic fabrics.

The company also--inspired by Desta’s Jamaican heritage—offers bedding that calls out to the more coastal motif, with a whirlwind of rich oranges, reds, greens and yellows. Indigo Motif is poised to spark a revolution in bedding, one that finds consumers returning to more colorful and traditional types of one-of-a-kind bedding that still manages to nod to a definitively modern edge.