Donation Program

To us it’s about more than just the creative and unique product lines we offer, it’s about more than helping our customers find bedding styles and designs that blend the energy and culture of Africa with handmade artisanship…While certainly these things are at the heart of what Indigo Motif stands for, we also believe in working with others in order to help them realize their true potential.

We can encourage one another, we can extend a hand to those who could really use it. Business and commerce need to embrace a more supportive ethos; working together to make things better.

And so with every purchase, Indigo Motif will donate 5% of the proceeds to education initiatives across the world, focusing on multi-ethnic communities. The children of this planet will be the pioneers, the leaders and the entrepreneurs of the future. We want to help them now by bettering their access to academic resources, teachers and the knowledge they need to become confident and successful adults.


We don’t think of it as giving back—we think of it as helping forward!

Currently, we are donating to Petersfield Primary School in Westmoreland, Jamaica. Enjoy our bedding and enjoy giving from the heart.

School Charity