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Comforter versus Duvet: The Bedding Showdown

by: Desta Ariyo
The age-old question…the duvet versus the comforter, why choose one over the other, and is there a better choice? If we really think about this essential bedding match up, the answer seems to be pretty clear: duvet takes it in a knockout. Why, you might ask…Here are just a few features that make the duvet cover the clear victor in this particular bedding showdown. Bohemian Duvet Covers: Eclectic Bedding Choices Certainly you can find colorful comforters, those with a distinctive style and flair. From African fabrics to indigo tie dyed comforters, there are a wide range of patterns, textures and colors from which to choose. But once you choose, you’re stuck--at least for awhile. With duvets however, you get to...
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